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Challenge Eighteen: Favourite Pairings - Challenge Info!

Welcome to Challenge Eighteen: Favourite Pairings! For this challenge, we want participants to make icons that feature their favourite pairings (the minimum no. of pairings allowed is two). This can include romantic or platonic pairings that are either between a man/woman, woman/woman or man/man.


Jamie & Claire (Outlander) - narnialover7 | Victoria & Albert (Victoria) - tturners | Eleven & Rory (Doctor Who) - scholarsicons | Snow White & Red Riding Hood (Once Upon A Time) - novindalf


1. All icons MUST be based on a Period Drama that is either from film or TV that meets the theme Favourite Pairings.
2. Icons submitted must be NEW and never posted before.
3. Icons MUST be 100px by 100px. Animation will only be allowed when included in a challenge.
4. Each fortnight a challenge post WILL be put up with a theme.
5. Participants will have TWO WEEKS to make and submit their icons.
6. Participants can submit up to FIVE icons per challenge, and can submit them either by commenting on the challenge post OR posting it on the community. When posting on the community make sure you put ‘Challenge No. - [Your Username]’ and tag it under the specific challenge tag. The mods will add your username tag once you have submitted one icon post for the challenge.
7. Got any questions, ASK them below.

The deadline is 5th of March 2019 (Countdown Clock).

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