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perioddrama_ic's Journal

Gotta love a period drama...

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Period Drama Icon Contest Community
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Welcome to perioddrama_ic, an Icon Contest Community where people will participate in fortnightly icon challenges where participants will use images/screencaps from period dramas (both film and TV).


ella_rose88 & abyss_valkyrie


ella_rose88 & abyss_valkyrie

However, we are looking for more mods, as well as banner makers to join us. If you are interested, please leave a comment here.


1. All icons MUST be based on a Period Drama that is either from film or TV. This can also include TV shows that have specific episodes set in a period, like Doctor Who for example. While this is a period drama community, we WILL accept icons from films/TV shows that are set up until the end of the 60s. We will also accept period shows/films that are fantasy (like Merlin or Game of Thrones) or Science Fiction.

2. Icons submitted must be NEW and never posted before.

3. Icons MUST be 100px by 100px. Animation will only be allowed when included in a challenge.

4. Each fortnight a challenge post WILL be put up with a theme.

5. Participants will have TWO weeks to make and submit their icons.

6. Participants can submit up to FIVE icons per challenge, and can submit them either by commenting on the challenge post OR posting it on the community.

7. People will have THREE days to vote on their favourite icons.


+ actress_ic + celeb_it + movieslims + somein30

+ birthday_celebs + redheads20in20 + tvmovie20in20

+ itsabattlefield + narnia20in20 + iconingsquared

Want to affiliate with us? Just leave a comment here and we will add you!

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